“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” – Andre Kertesz


 Build your email list. First, attract the right kind of traffic to your blog. Then impress them with your savvy, knowledgeability and generosity, and guess what? They’ll subscribe.

 Offer a subscribe incentive. Give new subscribers free access to an ebook or reportthey can’t refuse. Make it super useful. Make it a killer. Give them something they’ll want to read (not something you think they should read).

 Do consultations. The best way to find out what your readers want to buy is to get on the telephone and do some good old-fashioned consulting. Listen to their problems, and then try out different solutions. Soon, you’ll find a common problem and a solution that seems to work for everybody. That’s when you know you have promising product idea.

Create a hire me page. You’re running a business, so start acting like you are. Add a hire me page for all to see. Don’t be shy about this. Use your blog to build your business.

Get and display testimonials. Back up what you offer by positive feedback from past and present customers.

 Be careful with advertising. Only display ads on your blog if the income is too good to refuse. If you do, keep the ads relevant to your audience.

 Consider affiliate marketing. When you’ve reached the point where you actually have a substantial list, it might make sense to recommend quality products that will solve some of your audience’s problems.

 Venture into creating your own products and running continuity programs. Multiple income streams… The name of the game.

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