“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” – Andre Kertesz

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Consult with a friend or fellow blogger about your blog’s direction

Maybe you just need a good friend who is always frank with you to discuss your blog’s direction. Maybe no one is interested in your blog’s topic, or you haven’t found where your potential readers are. Maybe you need to work on a few things like visuals or text. Maybe it’s too personal, maybe it’s not personal enough. Talking to someone else can help you see your blog from another angle and give you a new perspective.


Write a Gratitude List

It’s easy to get caught up in the jaded life of a blogger. “Oh, my inbox is full of press releases.” That’s a luxury problem! That means PRs want to be in touch with you!

Instead of looking at everything you hate about your blog, write down on a piece of paper, what you are grateful for? Your new blogger friends? The fact you now have a body of work to show on your blog? That you get to try something new every day? That you get to write on such a fun topic? Once you get started it’s amazing how quickly it grows.