“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” – Andre Kertesz

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Use domain generators to search for available domains

Domain generators (search engines) allow you to really easily find out if the domain name you are interested in is available. Besides, not only can you check the domain for availability, but you can also find relevant and worthy domain name suggestions or variations for your business. You can use the websites like Nameboy.com or Domainfellow.com for choosing your domain or even a name for your company. We will give you a longer list of good tools that can help you to determine with your domain name further in this post.

After you have decided upon the domain name you want, we suggest you to check it for possible domain abuse. This is in case you are going to buy the domain from an existing owner or you have found a good deal on a recently expired domain. Check existing backlinks in Google (“link:www.yoursite.com”) or use a service like Wayback Machine to make sure the domain name is clean.


Link to the archives.

We would all like to believe our readers browse through the archives of our blog, but the reality is, they don’t. You need to remind them. In every new post, try to link to at least three or four old posts, sending your readers back in time to read your best work.

Move to self-hosted WordPress

if you haven’t already. Yes, you can build a popular blog on WordPress.com or Blogger.com, but there are lots of reasons to move your blog to your own host, including having more control and looking more professional.

Make a real, not Pinterest, inspiration board of what you would like to achieve with your blog

Put together a collage of what you would like to achieve. Get specific. Cut out photos, write down your goals and put them up there. Make it pretty so you want to look at it all the time. This can be the first step in making your dreams a reality, by actually making them tangible.