“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” – Andre Kertesz

Archive for June, 2013

Create link bait.

Give people reasons to link to you… Epic posts. Huge list posts. Interviews. Reviews of other (popular!) bloggers’ work and products. One successful link bait post can bring you traffic and subscribers for years


. Add a call to action to every post

What do you want your reader to do? Give it apowerful ending. If you inspire people to act, they will see results and love you for encouraging them.

Show off your personality.

Develop your personal writing voice. Dare to be a little different. Don’t try and sound like everyone else. This will help you seem less boring.

. Incorporate effective communication principles in your writing.

Clarity, conciseness, and connection: they make the world go round.

Make your writing screen-friendly

Take a step back and see how your writing looks — visually. Pretty it up by adding sub-headings, bulleted points, numbered lists, images and lots of white space. Make it easy on the eyes.

Start every post with an irresistible introduction.

Draw your reader down into the rest of the post. Get them from one sentence to the next, working their way through your post. If people aren’t even reading, none of the other good benefits will come.

Hone in your headline writing skills.

You need to make your audience curious, and you always need to spell out the benefit of them reading the post. Make prospective readers and subscribers think: I have to read that, right now!