“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” – Andre Kertesz

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Position your opt-in form in a prominent position.

People often hide their subscription form and then complain that nobody subscribes. Make it very easy for people to find your sign-up form. Top right on your sidebar or just above your main navigation bar are two good places.


Come clean with your readers about how you’ve been feeling lately

Maybe you’ve tried everything on this list, and you’re still not feeling it. Let your readers know. You might be surprised by how they respond, and maybe come up with a few words to remind you why you fell in love with blogging in the first place.

Start working on an eBook

I’ve never personally completed an eBook. Some of you have, and have some good responses. However, I personally go through the process of starting and before I know it, I realize that there is a whole new section of my blog that can be opened. Personally, I don’t think it matters whether you finish or not, but the action of  creating content as a whole helps in figuring out what you are passionate about, and what you have to say about that particular topic.

Try a new post series

Like narrowing down your niche, trying a new post series can help your blog in the same way. Limiting your options. If you plan out an editorial calendar once a week, a post series can help fill in that slot. Like “Tech Tuesdays” or “Makeup Mondays” This post series will focus you on a specific topic that your readers might really enjoy!

Bring on a contributor

It’s amazing how contributors can help add a new perspective to your blog. Perhaps they have ideas you never thought of. Perhaps you can work together and create a synergy that didn’t exist before. Either way, it’s good to bring someone on to mix it up, if anything to give you a break. Maybe you have a friend who wants to write, but doesn’t want to maintain a blog, or maybe you have a really great friend who would like to be your partner. There are many options for various budgets!

Consult with a friend or fellow blogger about your blog’s direction

Maybe you just need a good friend who is always frank with you to discuss your blog’s direction. Maybe no one is interested in your blog’s topic, or you haven’t found where your potential readers are. Maybe you need to work on a few things like visuals or text. Maybe it’s too personal, maybe it’s not personal enough. Talking to someone else can help you see your blog from another angle and give you a new perspective.

Give your blog’s design a make-over

Kind of like getting a new pair of shoes or a lipstick. Maybe your site just needs a bit of a makeover. Give your site a new lipstick by updating your header, or picking out a new font for your post text. Maybe you want to customize your buttons. Or maybe you want to go whole-hog and get a new theme and brand identity. I think it’s best to do this at least once or twice a year. The one thing about design is that with technology advancing you can never be done forever, and you always want to look up to date.